Educational video: the innovative CNDs proposed by Cetim
Educational video: virtual reality proposed by the “bus des technologies”
Practical data sheet: Logistics of the future
Practical data sheet: Logistics of the future
Practical data sheet: Non Destructive Testing
Practical guide to the Factory of the Future data sheet
Testimony: a new offer of services based the simulation and optimisation of production means
Testimony: an optimised supply chain with a zero fault target
Testimony: Baylo (design of autonomous trucks) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: controlled information flows for guaranteed competitiveness
Testimony: G Chambert (dematerialisation of the quality system) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: making Internet the main sales channel
Testimony: Maserati digitisation, design and manufacture of a vehicle - Proposed by Siemens
Testimony: MES for monitoring production at Michel Cartier - Proposed by Astrée
Testimony: MG-Tech (complete design of a new packaging line) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: modelling from the concept tot he structure
Testimony: PLM at Zeod Race Car - Proposed by Siemens (English)
Testimony: Producing more and better within the same walls by downsizing stocks
Testimony: Sewosy (design and eco-design of products) - Proposed by Visiativ
Educational video: digital tools at the service of design proposed by Cetim