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New approach to Man at work, Innovative organisation and management

There is firstly digital technologies which make it possible to do without paper and to provide the operator with a wide range of information allowing him to monitor and optimise the process. Also, equipment will help him with, or even, free him of repetitive and hazardous movements. The operator will thus be able to mobilise all his availability to carry out cognitive tasks with high added value. The operator will be able to take part in continuous training and increase  his versatility by means of augmented reality tools, for example. It should be noted that all this will have major consequences on organisations and management methods. The company will need significantly more organisers than leaders in the future.


The industry of the future uses Man’s cognitive capacities: his intelligence, his capacity to interpret complex situations and to define the most appropriate response strategies. Henceforth, Man wil be more of a supervisor than an operator,  he uses machines for tasks requiring force, repeatability and for long and arduous actions. 


He is assisted by mobile applications which inform him about the state of operation  and the performance of equipment to guide him in his actions. He thus develops his autonomy and versatility.