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Connected objects and industrial Internet

Here, we are at the level of networks on the ground in the workshop. We find connected objects (sensors on equipment to enable them to dialogue with each other and dialogue with the product). It is necessary to have data transmission supports between these devices and here, cybersecurity is at the heart of the challenges of protection against acts of malice, in these new layers which appear. It is absolutely essential to protect oneself from malicious acts which, from a simple smart phone, could directly attack the management parameters of one’s production and affect the quality or the security of the products. These are technologies which allow products to be connected to each other, to machines and even machines which are connected to each other, all thanks to secure infrastructures.

We find for example autonomous, communicating sensors (RFID), acquisition cards to collect physical data such as noise, temperature, spindle power, torque…The industrial networks make it possible to transport information collected « in the field » so as to make it available at higher levels. This feeds the big data.

Connected products

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Products can be connected when they are being used but they can already be connected during their development. When they are being used, we collect information on their uses and we can then improve them or think about additional functions. During their development, this allows us to ensure optimal quality and traceability.

Machine connection technologies

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Machines must exchange data to be able to acquire the agility necessary for the Industry of the Future. M2M or connection via field buses allows the production cyber-system to achieve full automation of operations, without requiring human intervention.

Data exchange infrastructure

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The data exchange infrastructure is essential for machines, so that piloting systems and humans can exchange information in formats and technologies which ensure perfect coherence of the communication.